Experience e-mobility in a new way: e-boost delivers acceleration that makes sports cars pale - perfect for any terrain, whether dirt or asphalt.


Unleash the extraordinary dynamics for your everyday life. e-boost redefines versatility - perfect for the commute, the race track or winding country roads. Feel the power that drives you forward in every moment.

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e-boost, designed for adventures off the beaten track. Equipped with sturdy studded tires, it offers the freedom to feel the dust beneath your feet. For those who see the terrain as their second home.

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The fastest at each traffic light

The best acceleration from zero to 50 km/h in 1.5 seconds.

Ready for new adventures in 2h

Not only quickly at the front, but also quickly full. With a charging time of under 45 minutes for 100 kilometers, the e-boost bike is ready to ride again in a short time.

Made for longer driving fun

With a range of 100 kilometers, the E-Boost is suitable for every city and commute.

Drops jaws
and sports cars are standing.