e-boost conquers the street and the terrain!

⇾ 100 km range

with a load

0 ⇾ 50 km/h

in 1.5 seconds

20 ⇾ 80% charge

⇾ 45 minutes

Light. Fast. Great!

The future is here, and it's on two wheels!

Discover elegance in motion. E-Boost – a revolution on two wheels that merges the boundary between bicycle and e-motorcycle. Designed for lightness that redefines freedom and with acceleration that catapults you from 0 to 50 km/h at breathtaking speeds. Experience driving pleasure in its purest form. Welcome to the future of urban mobility.

Welcome to e-boost


Unleash the extraordinary dynamics for your everyday life. e-boost redefines versatility - perfect for the commute, the race track or winding country roads. Feel the power that drives you forward in every moment.

More about Street


e-boost, designed for adventures off the beaten track. Equipped with sturdy studded tires, it offers the freedom to feel the dust beneath your feet. For those who see the terrain as their second home.

More about off-road

e-boost in detail


front wheel

  • Rim: 1.6x21"
  • Tires: 80/100-21

rear wheel

  • Rim: 2.15x18"
  • Tires: 100/100-18


Formula eMoto

Front brake
  • Type A hydraulically operated disc brake
  • Diameter 250mm
  • Operation: Right hand
Rear brake
  • Type: A hydraulically operated disc brake
  • Diameter: 185mm
  • Operation: Left hand
brake fluid
  • Type: DOT4
  • Recommendation: DOT4/5.1 approved exclusively for brakes


  • Type: Brushless DC Electric Motor
  • Motor voltage: 72V
  • Maximum power: L1e: 3.5 kW L3e: 7kW Peak power up to 18 KW
  • Maximum speed: L1e: 45 km/h L3e: 80 km/h


Supernova M99 MINI

  • Voltage: 5 - 13.5V DC
  • Low beam: 450 lm, 150 lx, 5.2 W
  • Optics: M99 Matrix reflector
  • Material: Anodized aluminum, matt black
  • Case dimensions: 38 x 78 x 50 mm

suspension fork

  • FastAce – designed for e-boost
  • Double bridge 210mm travel
  • Compression-rebound adjustable


  • Steel spring damper 210mm travel
  • Oil shock absorber
  • Compression-rebound adjustable

battery pack

  • Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage, capacity: 72 V / 40 Ah


  • Handlebar height: 1.14 m
  • Total length: 1.99 m
  • Axis distance: 1.31 m
  • Handlebar width: 0.8 m
  • Seat height: 0.9 m

Faster by far

A fork length ahead

e-boost motorcycles are revolutionizing the road with 100% electric energy, offering a ride free of emissions and leaving slow vehicles behind. Discover the future of mobility – clean, fast and untethered.

e-boost app

Everything at a glance

Information about your battery status, range, current location, a motion alarm and an overview of your last trips.

Motion alarm

If you are in the city in the evening and someone moves your bike, you will immediately receive push notifications about it.

Look at your last rides

All relevant information from your last rides, such as speeds, altitudes, etc...

100% quality

Back to the origins with e-boost

Our commitment to unsurpassed quality takes us back to our roots in the Black Forest, where we create the best motorcycle in the world - locally manufactured, globally valued.

Quiet, emission-free and…

The e-boost motorcycle redefines mobility. Specially designed for silence and impressive acceleration, it leaves only the wind as a witness to your journey.

Whoever brakes wins

Every time you brake, your motorcycle's battery refills, giving you up to 20% more range on each charge. Experience how every delay takes you further.

Steel frame instead of engine block
Easy to drive

With a steel frame instead of a heavy engine block, e-boost motorcycles are lightweight under 70kg, making them exceptionally handy - easy to lift and ride.

We guarantee effortless mobility and carefree journeys.

Hard facts

Range: 100km
Charging time: 45 minutes (to 80%)
Maximum speed:

  • L1E 45km/h
  • L3E 80km/h
  • L3E 0-50 km/h 1.5 sec.
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